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Hartwell Contracting Group Pty Ltd

Electrical, HVAC & Building services Specialists

driven by excellence

driven by excellence

driven by excellence driven by excellence driven by excellence

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Electrical, HVAC & Building Services

Specializing in Commercial Electrical, HVAC & Building Services, ranging from complete installations to building service maintenance. Whether it's a routine service, major electrical fault or installation of a building automation system, we have the team and knowledge to deliver projects on time and to the highest of quality.


Why Choose Hartwell?

We provide you with a full consultation to explain all available and best options. This enables you to easily choose the scope of work which is not only the best value for money but of a high quality standard and tailors your complete installation/service requirements.

Our team of friendly experienced tradesman will ensure the project runs smoothly as well as to meet the clients operational needs.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

 We pride our company through our professional relationships whilst delivering high quality projects, striving to excel our competitors and maintain the relationships for years to come.  

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Electrical & HVAC Services - Greg 0411 981 834 Building Services - Adam 0411 104 027

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